Email: your secret weapon.

Advertising is a highly competitive business. In fact, in the time it took you to read the sentence “advertising is a highly competitive business”, two new business people, an account executive, and the janitor from a competing agency all sent your biggest client a fruit basket. The only way to hold onto your existing clients and win new ones is to offer them something they can’t get anywhere else. Postmaster Direct helps you do just that.


Looking to grow your email list? Can email acquisition work for you?

Tell us your goals and who you would like to reach and we will create a customized acquisition report for how we can help you.

What can we offer you that no one else can? In a word, less. Less waste, less cost, and less hassle – for you, your clients, and their customers. The key to Postmaster Direct is eliminating untargeted, unfocused, uneffective communication from your marketing plan.

As an email company it saddens us to say so, but email – effective as it is – is sometimes looked down upon as an advertising medium. Even though research shows that email is seventeen percent more effective than direct mail, many marketers choose to steer clear of it, fearing the evil taint of spam. Postmaster lets you offer your clients a way to reap the rewards of email without the risk. Our permission-based registration means that your client’s messages will only be received by people who are looking forward to receiving them. Our highly targeted membership means that your creative can be more focused, more interesting, and more rewarding to your target. And our multichannel capabilities mean that you can reach your audience when they’re most engaged without putting your reputation at risk.

As a division of Authentic Response, the industry leaders in email services, Postmaster Direct is perfectly positioned to keep you on the cutting of email marketing – whatever you recommend to your clients, strategically or creatively, you can feel confident that Postmaster will help you execute it perfectly. In an industry where everyone is looking for an advantage over the competition, Postmaster puts more weapons in your arsenal.

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