Put your best foot forward.

While modesty may get you the admiration of your peers, it won’t get you money from your clients. Before they increase their spending, they want to know that what you’re already doing is working. It’s your job to tell them, and it’s our job to help you.

Targeting and Optimization

Pick a target. Hit the bulls-eye. As anyone who has stood transfixed in front of the ice cream counter can attest, having too many options – even of a good thing – can leave you feeling a bit bewildered. With one of the largest pools of addresses in the industry – and with 15,000 new addresses added daily – figuring out which of our highly targeted lists to use can be a daunting task. That’s why we work with you to offer your clients recommendations in list strategy and selection based on our years of experience in the industry. After all, what good are options if you can’t get the most from them?

Reporting and Analytics

Keep giving your best to your clients. Postmaster offers the industry’s most sophisticated reporting and analytics tools, so you’ll always be informed about the complete status of every campaign. With just a few mouse clicks you can monitor opens, click-throughs or any other action you choose. Then you can produce easy to understand charts, graphs and reports that show just how worthwhile your services are.

Email Reputation Reporting

Protect your clients. Protect your reputation. Of all the ways your clients can communicate with their customers, email is perhaps the most intimate. Commercial emails arrive next to, and are sometimes indistinguishable from, the messages we receive from our family, friends, churches, synagogues, and other people and organizations we rely on the make our lives worthwhile.

Perhaps this is why we react so strongly, when someone violates the sanctity of the inbox. Postmaster’s reputation monitoring tools allow you to track the reputations of the companies you work with to be sure they aren’t abusing this trust. By making sure everyone else is running a squeaky clean operation, you can reassure your clients that they can put their trust in you.

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