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Many marketers see customer acquisition as a deal with the devil. A shadowy
figure approaches you. You sign on the dotted line and all of a sudden your potential customer base is a whole lot larger. And yet you can’t escape the feeling that something unwholesome has occurred.


Looking to grow your email list? Can email acquisition work for you?

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If you’re using a standard list rental service, that queasy feeling is entirely justified. Not only will your list be far less effective than you might have hoped, it could also do serious harm to your brand. The addresses on traditional email lists are often acquired through practices that would be flattered by the term “dubious”. Many of the addresses may not work at all, wasting your resources and damaging your reputation with ISPs. And even when the addresses do work, your messages may reach people who would rather not be reached. Hardly the kind of first impression you want to be making.

Luckily, Postmaster Direct offers you a more reputable way to acquire new customers. Our permission-based, Double Opt-in registration process ensures that prospects want to hear from you and are engaged. It also gives you unprecedented targeting ability, so you can zero in on exactly the right audience for your message. Plus our multichannel approach gives you the flexibility to reach that audience with pinpoint accuracy through a variety of media channels without resorting to spam-like tactics. Whether you choose emails lists, web-based lead generation, or a combination of both, you can be sure that your message will be heard loud and clear by people who want to hear it.

Postmaster Direct email lists gives you all the benefits of email-based customer acquisition. Unlike ordinary email list vendors, Postmaster is a membership-based service. Your messages arrive cobranded with the Postmaster name, so the recipient always knows why they’re getting a message, when they signed up to receive it, and how to opt out of receiving more messages in the future.

Spamming, phishing and other fraudulent email practices have dampened many people’s enthusiasm for unrequested solicitations from marketers, but consumers still value interactive relationships with brands they trust – in fact research shows that email is seventeen percent more effective than regular direct mail. By maintaining impeccable ethical standards and always tailoring the offers we send, Postmaster has built a trusting relationship with millions of engaged consumers. By using our highly targeted list rental and lead generation you can build relationships with them too.

Email List Rental – Targeted lists so you always hit the bulls-eye.
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Consulting – Customer acquisition boot camp to help your lists be all they can be.


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