A higher form of lead.

Not every lead is created equally. Sometimes, being at the right place, with the right offer is the only way to reach your prospects. Postmaster WebLeads helps you do just that.

Email isn’t the only way to take advantage of Postmaster Direct’s highly engaged membership. For those who hate to wait, our lead generation service allows marketers to reach future Postmaster members while they’re still completing the registration process.

And best of all, unlike ordinary leads, Postmaster WebLeads can be nearly as targeted as our emails. That means that not only will you save money by only putting your offer in front of people who are likely to be interested in it, but you’ll also enjoy a much higher conversion rate.

Benefits of Postmaster WebLeads:

  • Various offer strategies that are customized based on your brand and audience.
  • They select their interests, we select the ads accordingly and instantly, earning higher response rates.
  • Simple forms included in advertisements allow for easy and efficient collection of lead information.
  • Confirmation page ads can receive millions of impressions per month (that’s a lot).
  • Click-through rates average a whopping 10 percent.
  • Advertisers get one of their favorite things: individual, prominent presence.

To find the very best leads and start your lead generation program, contact us today.


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