Some email lists are born bad; others are just raised that way.

Don’t let a bad list ruin your marketing efforts. Rid your file of undeliverable addresses and make sure you have all the latest and greatest addresses available for your contacts.

Eight percent of the average email list consists of bad email addresses. Whether they’re caused by data entry errors, garbage addresses, or expired domains, they can waste your marketing dollars and lead to undeliverable messages that can expose you to ISP blocking. Our list hygiene service uses hundreds of proprietary algorithms to weed out rotten addresses so your program will be cleaner, meaner, and more effective.

Of course, even better than throwing out bad addresses is replacing them with new ones. Postmaster Direct’s ECOA service offers the only one hundred percent consumer-reported email change-of-address service in the industry. Twenty million consumers have already registered their email change-of-address with us, and on average, 500,000 more join monthly. Using this massive mountain of data, we continually refresh your database to keep your list up-to-date.

To clean up your email list in a hurry, contact us today.


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