Pick a target, any target.

Like milk in glass bottles and full-priced airline tickets, the idea of a homogenous “consuming public” is a quaint notion whose time has passed. With the rise of information-on-demand technologies, the marketplace has become as segmented as a millipede.

If you want to reach new customers, the most important question you can ask is, “What kind of customer are you trying to reach?” Whatever your answer, Postmaster Direct can create an email list that will help you reach them.

When you partner with Postmaster for your list rental needs, we match your offer to the specific Postmaster members who have expressed an interest in receiving the kind of offers you are sending. What makes Postmaster so powerful is just how specific we can get. Whether it’s IT, B2B, B2C or a group that can’t even be described with an abbreviation, we can reach them with your message.

Benefits of the Postmaster Direct database include:

  • Thousands of interest categories to select from, updated monthly - Looking for cat-loving Scottish pastry chefs? If anyone can find them, we can.
  • Recency Selects - Catch subscribers when they’re fresh and receptive.
  • An average of 15,000 new subscribers a day - Our lists are robust and getting more robust.
  • Behavioral targeting - Because sometimes actions speak louder than demographics.
  • Response tracking - We help figure out which fish are biting and where.
  • Geo-targeting - So you can cast an even tighter, more pinpoint accurate net.
  • Specialty databases focusing on:
    • Consumers
    • IT Professionals
    • B2B
    • Small Busines
  • Best-in-class quality assurance program
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives
  • Text, HTML and rich media campaigns - So you can pick and choose your bells and whistles.
Find your exact target by contacting us today to find out more about email list rental with Postmaster Direct.


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