Your new monetization program. Instruction booklet not included (or necessary).

Life on the web moves fast. In the time it used to take to print a daily newspaper, a story can be posted to a website, read, commented on, blogged about, and turned into a funny web video featuring dancing chipmunks.

As a publisher who works at the speed of the web, you don’t have time to put everything on hold to implement a complex new registration procedure. Luckily, Postmaster is incredibly quick and easy to install.

Step One: – We give you some simple code to insert on your existing web pages.
Step Two: – A Postmaster Direct technical specialist helps you (or your IT guy) test them.
Step Three: – You collect money.
Step Four: – You smile while thinking about step three.

Monetize your subscriber base and keep them happy while doing it, contact us today to get started.


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