Postmaster Direct respects the fact that you’ve worked hard to make your site a place where your visitors feel at home.

In fact, we want to help you maintain that good feeling for your subscribers while enhancing your revenue flow at the same time. With more than 150 publishers participating in Postmaster Direct, we are able to match relevant offers to your subscribers while making you money in the process.

How much can you earn with Postmaster Direct?

Tell us about your website and how you interact with your users and we will create an estimate of how much you could earn by working with Postmaster Direct.

When you add Postmaster to your site, your visitors will be able to co-register for Postmaster as part of your existing registration process. Once they’ve registered, they will receive an email asking them to confirm their Postmaster membership. If they decide to become Postmaster members they will be given the opportunity to receive offers from marketers whose offerings match their areas of interest. In order to ensure that the experience remains a positive one for everyone involved, all offers are screened for value and relevance and the frequency of mailings is strictly capped.

Keep making your website a great place to visit and increase your revenue in the process.

Opportunities to Generate Profit – Need we say more?
Implementation Made Easy – Start making money today (if not sooner).
Deliverability Consulting – Keep in touch with the people who keep you in business.


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