Here already?!

Frankly, we’re impressed you were able to wait even this long to get to the good stuff.

So without further ado, a list of ways we can help you make money:

Email List Rental

As you are no doubt painfully aware, attracting subscribers can be a costly process. Making your site the kind of place people are willing to entrust with their time and their personal data requires a lot of hard work and lot of hard currency as well. So it only makes sense that when you decide to capitalize on such a valuable commodity you do it in a way that protects your assets while still giving you maximum return on your investment. Thanks to our extensive registration process and advanced profiling techniques, we know more about our members (a.k.a. your subscribers) than any other list rental service. This makes our lists far more targeted – and therefore far more valuable – than any other lists in the industry. It’s a difference that marketers are willing to pay for. And it’s a difference that will show in your bottom line as well.

Lead Generation

In addition to sending offers by email we can also feed advertising to your subscribers while they are completing the Postmaster registration process. This simple unobtrusive advertising opportunity is extremely valuable to marketers because it guarantees them time with a highly engaged, highly targeted audience. Again, it’s something they’re willing to pay for. And something you can start being paid for as well.



When your customers change email addresses, our email change-of-address service (ECOA) automatically notifies senders from whom they would like to continue receiving messages. In addition to helping your customers stay up-to-date, our ECOA service automatically scrutinizes your email list for addresses that need updating.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and get started increasing revenue with Postmaster Direct.


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